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About Action Nepal

  1. About Action Nepal

Action Nepal, a non-governmental organization, is basically working on advancing tobacco control in Nepal by mobilizing policymakers, media, civil society, and professional organizations such medical Association, and Nepal police. Action Nepal also works on other health and social issues to bring policymakers and the general public’s attention to the advancement and promotion of public health in Nepal.

Action Nepal was registered in 2013 as a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting public health, conducting policy level research, ensuring effective enforcement and implementation of tobacco control laws, exposing and discouraging tobacco industry interference, and providing technical support to the government in formulating time tested plans and policies that protect general public’s health. It is equally important to follow international guidelines and principles recommended by international organizations such as WHO and The Union. Hence, Action Nepal assists the Nepal government in fulfilling and implementing all the commitments that Nepal has made at international platforms at the global level.

Action Nepal also works on encouraging and motivating the concerned government authorities for effective enforcement and implementation of tobacco control Act, Regulations, and Directives. Furthermore, capacity building webinars, workshops, seminars, and interaction program are the part of regular activities of Action Nepal to sensitize all the stakeholders to work collaboratively for ensuring better implementation of tobacco control laws in Nepal.

Furthermore, research studies are an integral aspect of Action Nepal, ensuring the quality of its work and outcomes. Action Nepal undertakes research in a variety of fields, including public health, health economics and policy formulation, cost analysis of tobacco-related disease diagnosis and treatment, and climate change.

Action Napal conduct its activities in collaboration with Nepal Government, Health and Population Ministry, National Health Education, Information, and Communication Center (NHEICC) – MoHP, Health Journalists Forum Nepal, The Union, and WHO.


We envision a prosperous Nepal, with healthy people living happy lives.


Our mission is to advocate persistently for ensuring better public health in Nepal. Particularly, we work for tobacco control policy advocacy, effective implementation and enforcement of tobacco control laws through continuously sensitizing and coordinating among policy makers, legislators, law enforcing agencies, civil society, professional organizations, and the media to get their commitments and strong desire for ensuring better public health.


  • To work as a voluntarily organization for the welfare of the society as a whole.
  • To make research based advocacy for formulation, implementation and effective enforcement of public health policies to curb Non communicable diseases (NCDs) in Nepal.
  • To assist in effective implementation of tobacco control laws and regulations for curbing tobacco consumption, tobacco related diseases (such as cardiovascular diseases – CVD, chronic non-infectious respiratory diseases – COPD, cancers, and diabetes) and deaths in Nepal.
  • To make evidence based policy advocacy for formulating and implementing alcohol control laws and policies and conduct awareness programs through media about lethal effect of alcohol consumption.
  • To conduct research and raise public awareness on climate change and its effects in human existence.
  • To advocate about negative consequences of climate change in least developed and underdeveloped counties at national and international platform.

Core Values:

  • Organizational Culture: We work in a positive and encouraging atmosphere with continuous learning attitude.
  • Honesty and Integrity: Whatever we do, we do it honestly and truthfully. We are accountable for what we say and what we do.
  • Research and Results Orientation: We ensure better results through research activities. Research based works and programs are part and parcel of our organization.
  • Team Work: We believe in power of team work. Team work ensures synergy in the organization. We work in collaboration with all our stakeholders.
  • Education and Awareness: We know when learning ends, growth ends. Hence, we strive to create educational environment and awareness for all our stakeholders.

Mohit Singh Thagunna


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Focus Area of Work: Advancing Tobacco Control in Nepal

Tobacco epidemic is one of the greatest public health threats that the world has ever faced. Tobacco kills more than 8 million people each year across the world. Over 80% of the world’s 1.3 billion tobacco users live in low and middle income countries where the burden of tobacco related diseases and deaths is enormous. Tobacco consumption is a major risk factor for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular diseases (CVD), chronic non-infectious respiratory diseases (like COPD), cancers, and diabetes.

The economic burden of tobacco in Nepal is huge. Furthermore, it costs 47 billion Nepali rupees each year which accounted for 1.8 % of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Worse than this, tobacco kills more than 27000 people annually equivalent to around 15 percent of total deaths in Nepal. According to STEPS Survey 2019 the prevalence of total tobacco usage in adults is 28.9% (male- 48.3%, and female- 11.6%). The 17.1% of adults (males 28.0% and female 7.5%) smoke tobacco and 18.3% of adults (males 33.3% and females 4.9%) use smokeless tobacco. Likewise, 2.5% of adults are exposed to second-hand smoke at work place and 33.5% of adults are exposed to second-hand smoke at home. This indicates that the prevalence of tobacco use in high in Nepal and it is increasing every year.

Our key working area is advancing tobacco control in Nepal. We primarily provide research based technical assistance in drafting, and formulating the tobacco control legislations and advocate strongly for implementing the formulated tobacco control laws and regulations in Nepal. Moreover, we support and encourage concerned bodies (Policy Makers, MPs, Govt. Officials, Media, Civil Society and Law Makers) to obtain their strong commitments to work together for effective implementation of tobacco control laws including mandatory 90% pictorial health warning, ban on selling loose cigarette, and sales ban to minors and pregnant women. Our efforts are primarily focused on the following areas;

  • Ensure effective implementation and enforcement of 90 % Pictorial Health Warning (PHW) on labeling and packaging of all tobacco products in Nepal.
  • Provide technical assistance in developing and drafting Plain Packaging Policy for tobacco products in Nepal.
  • Assist local, provincial and federal level governments in developing and creating Healthy and Smoke Free Cities.
  • Help in Disclosing, Countering, and Diluting Tobacco Industry Interference (TII) in development and implementation of tobacco control policy e.g. ensuring full implementation of WHO-Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) – Article 5.3.
  • Advocate for Raising Tax on Tobacco as Nepal levies the lowest tax on tobacco among south Asian countries.
  • Enhance capacity and encourage law enforcing authorities regarding comprehensive ban on Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship (TAPS) e.g. 100 % TAPS ban in Nepal.   
  • Run Media Advocacy to educate general public about the dangers of tobacco consumption and how to quit it, as well as raise Government Awareness and Accountability in Effective Implementation of Tobacco Control Policies.

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