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We support and encourage concern bodies (Policy Makers, MPs, Govt. Officials, Media, Civil Society and Law Makers) to obtain their strong commitment and strong desire to fight against tobacco industry in relation to strictly enforce and implement the provision of incorporating 90 % pictorial health warning and urged the need of moving forward hand in hand to combat with sever problem of the nation "Tobacco Consumption". We have conducted several media campaign/workshop and interaction program to build policy pressure and people support for immediate implementation of pictorial health warning on tobacco packaging.

In 2015 Nepal was presented with the Bloomberg Award for Global Tobacco Control in recognition of its new law on graphic health warnings for tobacco packaging. We have excellent acts and regulations and is ahead of many countries in terms of policy formulation on tobacco. However, effective implementation of 90 % pictorial health warning messages and pictures in packets, parcels and wrappers of tobacco products in Nepal is weak despite making best law for controlling tobacco products.

The tax rate on tobacco products in Nepal is quite low compared to other countries.Tobacco tax increase is the single most effective policy to reduce tobacco use. It encourages smokers to give up and discourages potential smokers. Nepal Government need to tax all tobacco products in a manner that people do not opt out of one expensive product to a less expensive one. So, it is time to think about hiking taxes on tobacco to safeguard public health.

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