What we do
We have done the following works on tobacco control.

- Convinced the parliament members to pass the National Tobacco Control Law including a large size of pictorial health warning on packaging of tobacco products.

- Held a one to one meeting with then Rt. Honorable Prime Minister and honorable health minister to pass the Pictorial health warning Directives. Massive media was mobilized disclosing TI and government delay tactics to endorse the directives.

- Countered the tobacco industry arguments. Fight with tobacco industries when they sued the government on pictorial health warning. Sustained media pressure on them

- Held the high level meeting with the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Nepal. Convinced the Registrar not to register the any more cases against pictorial health warning as tobacco kills more than twenty thousand people every year. He rejected several pro TI cases after our meeting.

- Put pressure on Supreme Court by publishing the news of tobacco industry interference regarding the delaying the implementation of pictorial health warning decision by Supreme Court and its implications on health of citizens. Finally, Supreme Court scraps the cigarette companies plea.

- Conducted the high level round table discussion on effective implantation of Nepal tobacco control law by inviting the Executive Director of Gangalala National Heart Disease Center, Director General of Public health department, Ministry of Health, Police commissioner, Chief District Officer of Kathmandu district, Chairperson of Nepal Media Society, youth leaders and column writers, Economist from Ministry of Finance, Director, Dr. Ehsan Latif, International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union). A full story was published in front page of Naya Patrika Daily and other print media as well.

- Met and asked the Rt. Honorable Prime Minister, Health minister and Chief of cabinet secretary to increase the tax on tobacco, implementation of comprehensive tobacco control law at the earliest.

- Continued working with the Nepal Police for enforcement of smoke-free policy in Kathmandu Valley and other part of the country.

- We have conducted several media campaign/workshop and interaction program to build policy pressure and people support for immediate implementation of pictorial health warning on tobacco packaging.

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