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List of tobacco products available in Nepalese market with PHW. Download »
July 10, 2014

Action Nepal had  conducted market survey about implementation of the PHW and Published the List of tobacco products available in Nepalese market with PHW till this date.
Effectiveness of Pictorial Health Warning in Nepal Download »

The study aimed  to assess effectiveness of pictorial health warning in the pack of tobacco products to build public awareness from the perspective of general people and vendors. It also looked  at to check whether tobacco industry comply to the pictorial health warning. 
List of tobacco products with their prices Download »
Fiscal year 2018/19 Nepal Government has increased tax rate on tobacco products by 21.35 % (before inflation) & introducing Rs. 0.25 as a sin tax per stick.
Gurkha lahari and Winston have implemented 90 % PHW Download »
Alliance against Tobacco; Major Findings of Cost Analysis of Cardiovascular and Cancer Diseases Download »
The research entitled "Cost analysis of diagnosis and treatment of tobacco related Cancer patients and cardiovascular diseases of selected hospitals of Nepal" was conducted. The overall objective of these studies is to determine direct medical, non-medical costs, and wage loss (productivity) due to absenteeism in a public and a private hospital. These studies are hospital based descriptive, cross sectional, quantitative study conducted in one public and two private hospitals (one for profit other one not for profit).

Economic burdens of cardiovascular diseases and cancer are not yet known in Nepal. Diagnosis and treatment cost of tobacco related Cancer and CVDs are catastrophic and many households are more likely to fall below the poverty due to the high expenditure of diagnosis and treatment.

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Global Non Communicable Week
Sep 10, 2019
On the eve of WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY 2019, Action Nepal is conducting Secondary School Level Students Eloquence Competition in collaboration with World Health Organization-Nepal and Nepal Govt. MoHP- NHEICC.
May 29, 2019
क्यान्सरको उपचार गर्दा १६ प्रतिशत नेपालीको घरखेत सकिन्छ
May 28, 2019