1. About Action Nepal

Action Nepal, a non-governmental organization, is basically working on advancing tobacco control in Nepal by mobilizing policymakers, media, civil society, and professional organizations such medical Association, and Nepal police. Action Nepal also works on other health and social issues to bring policymakers and the general public’s attention to the advancement and promotion of public health in Nepal.

Action Nepal was registered in 2013 as a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting public health, conducting policy level research, ensuring effective enforcement and implementation of tobacco control laws, exposing and discouraging tobacco industry interference, and providing technical support to the government in formulating time tested plans and policies that protect general public’s health. It is equally important to follow international guidelines and principles recommended by international organizations such as WHO and The Union. Hence, Action Nepal assists the Nepal government in fulfilling and implementing all the commitments that Nepal has made at international platforms at the global level.

Action Nepal also works on encouraging and motivating the concerned government authorities for effective enforcement and implementation of tobacco control Act, Regulations, and Directives. Furthermore, capacity building webinars, workshops, seminars, and interaction program are the part of regular activities of Action Nepal to sensitize all the stakeholders to work collaboratively for ensuring better implementation of tobacco control laws in Nepal.

Furthermore, research studies are an integral aspect of Action Nepal, ensuring the quality of its work and outcomes. Action Nepal undertakes research in a variety of fields, including public health, health economics and policy formulation, cost analysis of tobacco-related disease diagnosis and treatment, and climate change.

Action Napal conduct its activities in collaboration with Nepal Government, Health and Population Ministry, National Health Education, Information, and Communication Center (NHEICC) – MoHP, Health Journalists Forum Nepal, The Union, and WHO.


We envision a prosperous Nepal, with healthy people living happy lives.


Our mission is to advocate persistently for ensuring better public health in Nepal. Particularly, we work for tobacco control policy advocacy, effective implementation and enforcement of tobacco control laws through continuously sensitizing and coordinating among policy makers, legislators, law enforcing agencies, civil society, professional organizations, and the media to get their commitments and strong desire for ensuring better public health.


Core Values: